[ARTICLE] ‘Top Gear Korea 6’, EXID explosively free-dancing made studio atmosphere ‘hot in seconds’


On the 18th Jan, exid Hani solji n junghwa made appearances on the broadcast of topgearkorea6. Stars’ driving skills are tested and examined during ‘Star LabTime ‘ segment.
For the broadcast EXID caught the audiences’ attention by performing ‘Up and Down. MC KimJinPyo, Danny Ahn, Yoo Kyeong Wook requested for random dance and without hesitatation EXID danced and paraded freely and dorkily. Especially member Hani even requested for hotter/catchier music to be played in order to show her hidden dance talent. Definitely she’s a hidden gem in variety and entertainment show.
During the test observation, Solji was seated at driver seat while Hani at passenger seat. Solji was screaming wildly while Hani enjoyed her ride.
Translation by : EXIDWORLD
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