[TRANS] 150119 EXID Interview with Osen


Osen starlike corner
Preparing  ‘dorm-style’ set of 3 dishes

What do they usually cook off easily to fit their busy schedule or when their at home?

Who’s the best cook hidden in EXID?

Hyelin : Usually I do the cooking alone in the dorm. Some kind of fried rice and noodle dish, real easy. So I’m gonna prepare this today.

LE solji x reporter
Made 2 dishes. Aglio olio pasta and rice topped with fish roe.

solji x LE who seldom help when it comes to cooking..suddenly the atmosphere is funky and unusual XD

When I’m alone at home I cooked food myself. Wanna teach the members but they don’t seemed have any interest haha!

Solji : I loved cooking as well. But as I’m not staying at the dorm.. its hard for me to do the cooking (solji stayin w parents right) ahem… making excuse

So when Hyelin busy cooking in the kitchen back at thr dorm.. what the rest of the members do ?

Hyelin: They will prepare and arrange the side dishes, sit and wait for the maim dishes to be ready. And finally eat XD what else can they do?

Hani and Jung did not cooked But just be the food taster.

LE put too.much salt on her spaghetti

Is Hani and junghwa idols? How can they swallow all the dishes? ㅋㅋㅋ (reporter)

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