[NEWS] EXID’s not only popular domesticlly but also in the overseas. Inevitably, the icon of chart reversal!

EXID’S Up & Down single charted at no.3 at Japan’s Rechoku Chart, no.25 at Oversea’s MORA and charted respectively on iTunes.

As an effect of the reversal power, EXID topped music sites as well as crowned as winner for music shows. Although EXID did not promote in the overseas, obviously the effect could be felt at the same time.

Representative from YEDANG Entertainment said, “Although we do not have plans for any oversea activities, we’ve been receiving many love calls from event coordinators and companies.
Meanwhile, we’re putting our focus on domestic activities so that more fans will be able to see them active in the local scene.”

As EXID wrapped up their promotion recently, they’re diligently preparing the materials for their next album.


Translation from : TopStarNews.Net  | By : EXIDWORLD | Please take out with full credit