[Schedule] For 2015 March 01th, ~ March 31th,

March 01th,

  •  [Event] Action Tournament 2015 winter season 5:00 PM(KST)

March 02nd,

  •  [Event] Pai Chai University OT 3:00PM(KST)
  •  [Event] HoWon University OT 5.40PM(KST)

March 03rd,

  • [Perform] Seogang College Students’ Entrance Ceremony 1:00 PM(KST)
  • [Event] Namseoul University OT 2.30 PM(KST)

March 07th,

  • [Event] Chungnam University OT 9PM

March 08th,

  • [Rec] KBS 1 VS 100 (LE, Hani, Hyerin)
  • [Broadcast] SBS Running Man (Hani) 6.10PM(KST)

March 09th,

  • [ETC] Magazine Photoshoot (Junghwa)

March 10th,

  • [Broadcast] KBS Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education 11.10 PM(KST)
  • [Broadcast] MBCEvery1  Soulmate Returns (Junghwa) 6:00 PM(KST)

March 12nd,

  • [Recording] MBC Three Rounds Quiz Show (Solji, Junghwa)

March 13rd,

  • [Event] 2015 Cable TV Broadcast Awards 5:00 PM(KST)

March 14th

  • [Broadcast] JTBC Dating Alone (Hani) 11:00 PM(KST)

March 15th

  • [EVENT] Donga Marathon Congratulatory Performance (Jamsil Stadium) 12:00 PM(KST)

March 19th

  • [ETC] CF Filming

March 21st

  • [Broadcast] JTBC Dating Alone (Hani) 11:00 PM(KST)

March 24th

  • [Event] WonKwang University OT (Gunsan) 7:oo PM(KST)

March 27th

  • [Event] Induk University OT (Seoul) 7:00 PM(KST)
  • [Event] ChungBuk University OT (Cheongju) 10:00 PM(KST)

March 28th

  • [Event] Incheon Corporate Event (Songdo) 8:00 AM(KST)


**Schedule is subject to change from time to time. So please check back frequently.**

Trans by : EXIDWORLD

Source : Official fan cafe

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