[FROM EXID] 150425 Junghwa Official fancafe update



How are you! This is Junghwa ><

Now we’re wrapping up for the day, and it’s been a long time since I last wrote on fan cafe~

Now’s the 2nd week of promotion for AH YEAH comeback~ Thanks to the love and much support from LEGGOs, we are able to perform happily. Logged into cafe often, I can really feel the love from you all. Today it was great that we had a chance to meet up close!! (Touched as we had our first fan sign TT) It’s hard for us to believe that we’re receiving this much love and we thought do we really deserve such love.

When it comes to times like that, it makes us work even harder and commit to each and every dearest LEGGO!!

Tho it’s been crazy and busy nowadays.. we felt really happy! It’s all because of you all, LEGGOs! In the future, please keep looking up for our AH YEAH activities! We hope for your endless love!! Always thankful and I LOVE YOU!!??


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