[FROM EXID] 150425 LE’s Official fancafe update


Hi Hello Annyeong our LEGGOs!
Lately we’ve used the excuse that we’re busy, and only had ‘eye meetings’ with you all. It’s been awhile to write since the last time at T_T
I’m sorry.. anyway, AH YEAH’s in the 2nd week of it’s promotion and finishing soon (2nd week phase)

We’ve even received first place(music show), fanmeet with you all, fansigning.. it’s awesome and really happy!!
When we think back the past times, lately we’ve been living thankfully day by day ..Fans who support us by deducting your rest hours, sacrificing your voice..the moment we seen all these from stage, we feel sorry but at the same time touched by your acts.

Nevertheless, when we perform on the nicely decorated stage, it was good as we could meet for a long time! You guys enjoyed it as well right? Must be it right?!!

We always tell ourselves that we forget not that we’re always a beginner. We hope you’ll remember us as the EXID who are always thankful 🙂
Anyway, I’m really happy that we are able to have a fansign today, which is the reason I wanted to leave a message to you all..

To LEGGOs who weren’t able to present today, I hope we’ll meet soon! I’m always thankful and ILOVEYOU, really !!

+Pls be careful of catching a cold, those whove hurt your throat, pls drink lots of warm water!!


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