[FROM EXID] 150426 Hyelin Official fancafe update

Annyeong~my LEGGOs ❤
Today Sunday, for the first time we’ve won first place on nation-broadcasted music programme! Woah >< lovelovelove

Actually, we were worried as Up&Down received so much of love previously and eventually it stressed us out..However, when we cameback with ‘AH YEAH’ , we received unchanging love from you all. Thank you so much for that! lovelovelovelove

On the days when we have schedules, you came and visited us even for just a while, I wanna thank you although it didn’t look obvious that I do..

For the first time yesterday, we had an official album fanmeet which was really fun! I’ve never imagined that this much of fans would present for the fanmeet T.T arghh… touched by you all…

I can only be thankful and say thank you, can’t provide anything else for LEGGOs other than that.. which is why for today’s thank you-speech, LEGGOs were mentioned as the reason that we’re able to receive help and much love!

I’m not speech-BABO anymore
Although I need more practice on the ’S’ pronunciation…
Anyway..it’s been a busy but happy week with all the schedules and work..

In the future, we hope there be more great job opportunities and working them out with LEGGOs

Let’s be happy and cheer up! FIGHTING!


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