[FROM EXID] 150426 Soul-G Official fancafe update

Please have a look at Solji’s letter!!
Arghh! Hehehehe..I’m sorry..
It’s obviously April..but February was written yesterday..I guess my hand went haywire..the dates error.. guys it’s April OK?!
I wrote a ‘warm letter’ yesterday T.T I’m sorry sorry..
PS: Ah..the letter was stained T.T


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Translation Solji love letter

Our LEGGOs!! Annyeong?! It’s been a while since the last time I left you guys message right? I present you handwritten letter with utmost sincerity..Ta-daa !! Though it’s your sleeping time already, read a few lines at least, would you? hmmhmm…

We’ve been busy lately right?
I think LEGGOs are getting busier.. You guys must’ve been worrying for the next album released after ‘Up&Down’ right?
Since good things are happening compared to last time, it feels really good!
LEGGO’s feeling the same way right? In my heart, I tell myself that I will work super hard!

While we’re preparing for the album, ‘AH YEAH’ I thought that we have to show a better us, eventually we got burdened by the thought. But now, we are able to receive great love, I can’t even describe the level of thankfulness that we felt.

Day by day, better opportunities are coming in along with great happenings..I’m thankful,light-hearted – will be working hard as a singer!

Every time when we get on stage..because of you, LEGGOs we are able to feel the happiness and totally energized ❤ I’m able to sing, it’s because of you all, you guys know it right? In the future, I ask for your love 🙂 Let’s do this together, Forever!! Our LEGGOs!! ILOVEYOU!!! <3<3<3


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