[Schedule] For 2015 June 01st, ~ June 30th, (Update 06/22)

June 01st,

  • [Record] KBS A Style For You – Hani

June 03rd,

  • [Broadcast] JTBC Crime Scene 2 – Hani PM11.00

June 04th,

  • [Event] Sports TOTO Announcement Event at Jamsil Baseball Stadium PM5.30

June 07th,

  • [Broadcast]  KBS A Style For You – Hani PM11.55

June 08th,

  • [Record] KBS A Style For You – Hani

June 10th,

  • [Record] JTBC Crime Scene 2 – Hani
  • [Broadcast] JTBC Crime Scene 2 – Hani PM11.00

June 13rd,

  • [Record] JTBC Crime Scene 2 – Hani

June 14th,

  • [Record] KBS GwangBuk 70th Anniversary Specials “IAmKorea” – EXID
  • [Broadcast]  KBS A Style For You – Hani PM11.55

June 15th,

  • [Event] REACH CLUB event in China

June 16th,

  • [Event] REACH CLUB event in China

June 17th,

  • [Broadcast] JTBC Crime Scene 2 – Hani PM11.00

June 20th,

  • [Others] Offline Redeem event(TEATIME)
  • [Broadcast]  KBS1 “I Am Korea” – EXID PM8:00

June 21st,

  • [Broadcast]  KBS A Style For You(Last Episode) – Hani PM11.55

June 24th

  • [Broadcast] JTBC Crime Scene 2(Last Episode) – Hani PM11.00

June 26th,

  • [Live] KBS2 Music Bank 1st Half of year special – EXID PM6:30

**Schedule is subject to change from time to time. So please check back frequently.**

Trans by : EXIDWORLD

Source : Official fan cafe

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2 thoughts on “[Schedule] For 2015 June 01st, ~ June 30th, (Update 06/22)

  1. Im a big USA fan4life of EXID! I also adore Hani

    !! I like, share, favorite, follow, post and comment on all sorts of offical EXID and Hani pages including Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. I, like tens of thousands of other fans, do these things to show support for these ladies your site represents in an "offical" capacity. I however am becoming quite disparaged as I rarely get any responses or replys from anyone, especially a group member. I of course can recognize, understand and even respect the facts that these talented ladies are extraordinarily busy. That being said it still would be nice to actually see them responding and replying much more then they are to their loyal fans who only hope for something as simple as a 'hello, thanks for being such a awesome fan!" Social media is everywhere now and making a serious effort to interact and engage with the 'fans' is paramount and extremely crutial in keeping them. Give us some validation please.
                     Also could you or someone on their team please set up a decent site where USA fans can get real-time accurate information on EXID and Kpop in general; in English. Vote on shows, get access to the special signed merchandise promotions, puchase merchandise safely and securely online. All those things would be greatly appreciated and kindly requested. 
                                                                                            A disparaged USA fan,
                                                                                                      D. King
                                                                                                Clearwater, FL USA
  2. Hi, I left a comment here a few days ago. Im hoping to get a reply soon. In the meantime, I’m still a huge EXID and Hani fan and can’t wait for whatever comes next.

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