[FROM EXID] 150612 Hani Official fancafe update

Screenshot - 12_6_2015 , 16_06_25

Hello everyone! This is Hani aka Ahn Hyung !
It’s been a really long time right?…
I’m sorry to all of you LEGGOs..
tsk tsk..
You guys must wondering how we spent time lately..
From this and that to exploring new stuffs.. trying out things that we couldn’t care less previously.. it’s been busy for us!
Not an episode with a complete sleep..
It’s been a long time since last .. today while we were practising ‘Whoz That Girl’.. I hit Ahn Elly unnie on the cheek accidentally ..
What’s more painful was that the hit was from bottom to the top..
Fortunately, unnie just let it slipped like nothing ever happened ..im obviously grateful about that..(true that I hit her near the edge)
ah.. right.. we heard that number LEGGO members surpassed 25000!!!
So touched… *tears rolling down*..
Let’s walk together for a long long time in the future.
Soon we’ll comeback with the comfortable us, the happy us to even the not-so-happy us!
Most importantly is to enjoy and have fun!!!

Translation by : EXIDWORLD

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