[FROM EXID] 150926 Chuseok Letter


To: Our most beloved LEGGOs :)💜

It was a warm summer the other day..
which is ending soon.. therefore comes the Mid Autumn Thanksgiving!! Please hold your diet on these days, eat all the delicious food alot. I mean alot! I hope you all are spending good times with your family, friends and with people whom you love!

I will eat a lot too, and ‘transform’ to a chubbier body for 1 time. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone~ >.<


To our dear LEGGOS..💜.💜
Ma lovely LEGGOs!! Everyone’s doin fine right!?
Came back from Autumn Thanksgiving >_<
Spent time with lovely family and well as feasting on delicious food..Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving too!
I, Solji gonna have times with ma family!
I love you all.. Muahhh -3- – ‘Eating’ all of LEGGOs love and being great –
Yours sincerely,


Happy Chuseok is here
Hello everyone!
Happy Hani is here 🙂
You guys know what Chuseok ÷ delicious food means right!?
I hope LEGGOs are having lots of delicious food and getting what’s best for you guys :)💜
Also, it’s getting chilly nowadays.. please beware of catching the cold! EXID’s diligently working to show you a better us. Since we’re gonna be seeing soon please just wait a little while more okay💜 Happy Chuseok!! 😁




Woah!! Finally Thanksgiving is here again.. Time just flew like… For the day, hope you all are spending great times with family and people whom you love.. please drive safely and it’ll be awesome if you guys have a happy Thanksgiving



To my beloved LEGGOs
Hi~Hi! Annyeonghaseyo! This is Junghwa!!
Here comes Thanksgiving Day again~! I hope you guys gather with your family and friends.. eat delicious food and SeongPyeon (ricecake).. Share stories to each other which you’ve not been able to!! EXID shot video for Chuseok specials (idolathletics).. so please watch it on TV!!  GOGO!!  Hope you all are happy and having abundance of riches during this Thanksgiving~~ not forgetting to keep on loving EXID