[TUTORIAL] How to vote for EXID in Show Champion using the Idol Champ App

Show Champion went from online voting to app-based voting. So, EXIDWORLD will be giving you a tutorial  on how to vote for EXID using the app. But before that here’s the criteria in determining the Champion Song.

Show Champion “Champion Song” Criteria 
50% Digital Sales/Position
10% Album Sale (Hanteo)
15% Ranking from Professionals in the Music Industry
10% Online Vote(IDOL CHAMP App 9% + 芒果TV ( Mangguo TV) 1%)

Voting period is from Monday 12AM KST to Sunday 11:59PM KST


1st, get the Idol Champ app. 

You can download the app through Google Play or APKPLZ . In some cases, the app is not available in your country or incompatible with some devices, if this is the case, use the APKPLZ. I recommend you to download the .apk file via PC then transfer it to your phone. Downloading it through your phone might cause lagging.

2nd, log-in.

When you successfully installed the app in your phone. Open the app. You can browse the app even if you don’t log-in but when you are going to vote, you will need to log-in.

Step 2.1, click or tap on the 3 horizontal bars on the upper-left part

idol champ 2

Step 2.2, click or tap on the text that says Log-inidol champ 3

Step 2.3, log-in to your choice of account idol champ 4

You can log-in through Facebook, Google+, Kakaotalk, or through your MBC Account. Here’s the tutorial in creating a MBC Account.

3rd, voting.

On the app, click or tap on this icon and scroll down until you see this post idol champ 6
Tap on that you’ll be brought to the voting page. idol champ 5.jpg
Tap on the icon enclosed in the square. By tapping on it, you are casting your vote to the artist.

You can vote 3 times per day. The yellow bar that says “You have 2 votes left” determines how many votes you still have for the day.

This tutorial is brought to you by EXIDWORLD.

If you have questions, please mention us at our Twitter account.

Please take out with full credits!

Screenshots by Josh, a very helpful LEGGO.