[PROJECT] Hyelin’s Birthday Fanproject


Hyelin’s birthday is coming real soon. Rather than donating this time, we’d like to do something simple as below:

To celebrate Hyelin’s birthday, please send us picture(s) dedicated to Hyelin by you, LEGGOS!

Due date: ANYTIME within HYELIN’s birthday week


Step 1: If you have any LEGGO friends, gather and chill together! (It is okay if you are solo XD)

Step 2: Take a picture of anything dedicated to Hyelin.

Example: Write her name on the sand.


Step 3: There is no limit on how many photographs you want to send!

You may tweet the pictures to @exidworld via Twitter hash-tagging #happyhyelinday

We appreciate your effort in celebrating Hyerin’s birthday!


[UPDATE] : Birthday Cake Design


First of all we wanna thank you for supporting the project. Especially to EXID_THAILAND for the collaboration.

No matter how you’ve helped us by donating, retweeting or even wishing you could did something more, we thank each one of you from the bottom of our heart.

Raising fund for the cake didn’t come easy as we know our project announcement came pretty late.

Here’s the simple cake that we’ve sent to Yedang Entertainment. Not sure if the girls have checked this out yet, as our small cake would easily buried under LEGGOs gifts. =)

Cake_01 Cake_02 Cake_03

Special shoutout to main contributors for the project:

• Wuttipunt

• tan su-hern

• Laurie Cabbab

• looklkkaew

Project : Bday Cake for #HappyHaniDay & #HappyJunghwaDay

What’s up LEGGOs worldwide!

As spoken earlier we wanted to present a cake to the girls as their birthday falls on 1st May (Hani) and 8th May (Junghwa). You may checkout the previous cake that we’ve sent to the girls.

cake_03 cake_02 cake_01

We urge all LEGGOs to donate in order for the project to be successful. No minimum amount is required =) The girls have been busy nowadays so a small cake from us may contribute a little strength for them. Cheer for EXID okay! Very simple steps to donate as below:

We will only be accepting donations via PayPal! Any donation amount is acceptable.

Send your donations to this PayPal e-mail: just_talks2806@yahoo.com


IMPORTANT STEP: After donating, make sure to fill out this donation form below please! Another important step is making sure that you click on the “I’m making personal payments” so there will not be any Paypal fees!

DONATION DEADLINE: None (remaining balance will be kept for next project)

Donation Form

If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending a mention on Twitter to @EXIDWORLD!

Thank you!


[INTERVIEW] EXID Hani strives to be a fashionista


EXID Hani, who captivated male fans her hip dance for the song ‘Up and Down’,  just transformed into a posh lady with class.

While Hani admitted that she got teased among her members as a ‘fashion terrorist’, it’s unbelievable that Hani’s fashion pictorial turned out stunningly beautiful.

Contrary to her sexy style onstage, Hani spotted the ‘Manish’(fashion term) look graciously. Hani’s amazed by the fashion accessories and bags used for the pictorial shoot.

I’m not too sure of bag, that is considered pretty. For me, I’d go for a big backpack which can store most of my stuffs. Since I’m holding on a lady’s handbag, I feel like a real lady today. I feel distress whenever there’s a photoshoot as I’m still awkward in making poses. I’m not sure if it’s because of that I’m challenging a new style for the shoot, somehow I feel my level of confident is raised up, today. I peeked at the photos and felt that I’ve developed a little more. I’m glad that the pictures turned out well. She complemented the camera well by posing boldly along with some dance moves.

Hani totally transformed from a sexy idol member to a lady with class.
Previously, I can’t feel the importance and the need for fashion at all. On the days when we’re to attend weekly music programmes, I’d put on a training suits rather than anything else. While other female idols would usually go for mini hot pants, no matter how cold the weather is. However, lately I’ve been trying my best to be more fashionable, by trying out little bit of everything that suits my style.

If I keep on doing that, won’t I really become a fashionista?

If we work hard, there’s nothing that we really can’t do, right?

Few days after Hani completed the graceful shoot, EXID was No.1 on music programme.

Coming across with question like ‘What do you think you’re best at?’, ‘Development of myself’, she answered.

Without doubts, the level of confidence shown and Hani’s growing
character kept lingering in the mind over and over just like yesterday’s photoshoot.


Name : Ahn Hee Yeon
Birthdate: 1st May 1992
Zodiac Taurus
Vital Stats: 168cm, 50Kg
Debut: 2012 EXID Digital Single Album
Hobby: Triathlon
Nicknames: Goddess of Fancam, (During scholar days) Grandmother.

Last message:
Im alqays thinking about whether “Is it possible to always live as a kind and thoughtful person?” Ultimately, I have this conclusion in my mind. If someone asks me that question later, I’d like to be the person who is able to answer “I’ve been living as a thoughtful person and actually it’s not impossible at all”.

Translation from : http://star.mt.co.kr  | By : EXIDWORLD | Please take out with full credit


Up Down! Up~Up Down! Trending idols, EXID never ever imagined that ‘Up and Down’ would become a song where everyone hums. Lately, EXID is in the centre of attention for their chart reversal effect. EXID’s blooming with charms and fatal attraction.


(On Solji) One piece : H&M  Shoes : monobarbie 

(On Hani) Top : Forever21  Half pant  : STYLENANDA

(On LE) Top : H&M   Skirt : STYLENANDA   Shoes : Melissa

(On Hyerin) Top : c.holyn   Half pant : Forever21   Shoes : hollyshop

(On Junghwa) One piece : STYLENANDA   Shoes : Aldo



The sudden success of ‘Up And Down is like a gift to us. In the future, we thought we need to come out with songs that the public would be interested in. As of now, we are unable to show things that we wanted freely.

Hani felt sorry towards the members as EXID were represented by the viral fancam instead of the members as a whole. There were comments and reactions which were not favorable. It’s kind of upset that the focus was only on the suggestive sensation. However, I feel thankful when the members gave encouragement rather than feeling regretful about the situation.

Actually, being sexy is not my natural personality. When I first heard about the sexy concept, I had a hard time adjusting myself to be able to fit into the desired image. For example, I struggled on how to style and dress in a sexier way. But I believe that as long as we keep trying, there’s nothing that we can’t do.

Surely but slowly I think I’m adapting well naturally.

Even though there were difficult moments, all of the members endured with optimistic personality. I learn to think positively that even if our songs did not do well, we enjoyed every stage and kept learning along the way.

In the company, Hani was nicknamed as “The Rookie Development Team Ahn Leader”. Excluding LE is the first official member of EXID, Hani had personally recruited the other 4 members who all possessed talents and ready to be united as a team. Initially, EXID was formed with 6 members and later underwent member changes. Hence, EXID is settled with 5 members now.

I like to read anything from books, quotes from the internet, webtoons and comics.

Apparently if I think this person has a big ‘bowl’ (level of compasion/kindness), then I know that I’ve fallen for this person. For example, this person will be comforting me when I’m going through difficult times. Also, if I’m able to forgive this person even though I knew I couldn’t at the first place~I’m also drawn to man whom I can learn things from.



I can never believe these are actually happening. The current situation serves as a springboard for our next leap. We will attempt our best to give back to the people who has heightened their expectations on us. We told ourselves that we must not disappoint the fans. But the pressure also grew stronger. All of the members also conversed a lot on this topic.

Since the beginning, we worked as the EXID just like the EXID we are now but we’ve only gotten the attention lately. In the future, we hope people will be keeping their interest on us. Shinsadong Tiger kept giving heartwarming advices from the moment the team was created and helped out tremendously during the production period. We could go through hard times as we stick together.

Initially, I did singing and and dancing as hobbies. During my 3rd year of high school, I started attending professional training academy. There were plenty of audition opportunities and finally I debuted as a member of EXID.

I have a cheerful personality but I’m shy as well. It’s hard to get awkward around me. Whenever and wherever, I try to make things up by smiling and being a more understanding person.
My ideal guy will be the one who is able take care of me well. I still can accept even if one grumbles occasionally. I wish that he’s tall and want to be embraced in his arms.


Initially, I thought it was a hidden camera prank. We were really happy and overwhelmed with thankfulness.

The promotion for ‘Up and Down’ lasted for about a month and eventually we wrapped up our activities. Instead of the term ‘forced-comeback’, we felt it was reflected more as ‘forced-conclusion’ for our promotion activities. We were actually in the midst of preparing other performances, events, working on album, but somehow we got back into the promotion-phase once again.

There was a long period of time where we’ve not done any activities before we promoted ‘Up and Down’. Naturally, rumours of EXID breaking up inevitably surfaced up. Some may not recall but it wasn’t too long ago. Fans grieved and couldn’t bear the sadness. In a way, we wanted to make a comeback soonest for fans who’d kept waiting for us that time.
The thought and desire of winning music shows never existed in our minds at all. We’ll go crazy for only getting nominated for No.1.

(Few days after this interview was held, 9/1/2015): EXID won their first ever No.1 on Music Bank. They were also contender for No.1 spots on upcoming episode of other music shows.

I’ve been active as a child-actress since I was 10. I entered JYP when I was 12 years old. Apart from acting, I’ve never thought of trying out on other pathways. I was trained both in singing and dancing for the monthly evaluation showcase. By the end of the showcase, I had my mind changed. When I performed on the stage, I fell for the audience’s interaction and felt very delighted.

I’ve been training for 5 years under JYP before I left the company. Hani who was also an ex-trainee from JYP contacted me right after she heard the news. She suggested that we form a girl group team together, which has resulted the creation of EXID that you all now know.

Although I’m known as the maknae of the group, I was told that I looked and acted mature compared to my age. Such an irony, I know right?

I enjoy listening to music in the cafe alone. The earphone is by my side all the time. In that particular moment, I could feel that I’m cut off from the outside world. I also get my own sweet time thinking by myself.

I like guys who can communicate and take care of me well. It’s best if we share similar opinions during our conversation. Both of us also have to be understanding towards each other and he shall know how things work well.



To be honest, I can’t be sure of what’s happening right now. For me, the state of my mind is blank. I can only express my gratitude by feeling thankful.

For recording purpose, I get to listen to ‘Up and Down’ for the first time. I thought to myself – it’ll definitely do well. I just had this feeling that it’s gonna be great. Ultimately, it became what it is like now.

To get busy like this, it’s really the first time for us. Though we are restless at times, we never once complaint about it. We sleep less than 2 hours a day in order to get ourselves prepared for the next schedule. Still, we feel delighted and happy about getting busy.

I debuted as a singer back in 2006. It’s considerably a long time, me getting noticed through EXID. I’m well aware of all the hard work needed in order to be successful so I kept my patience. I always believe chances will fly by one day without warning.
Up to date, I’ve done about 30 songs already. In any case if you guys previously came across any of Solji’s songs or featuring works, it’s me. That’s really me.

Before EXID formation was settled, I was the vocal trainer for the same company. I received proposal from Shinsadong Tiger to join EXID as a member right at the time when EXID’s going through member changes. Personally, I felt it’s an unusual occasion.

I think I’m a pretty brave and positive person. I put efforts in all things as I wish they’d go well. I’m also a straightforward person. I dislike people with fake persona. There are times that I get cool and cold, and times where I tend to be hot and passionate.

I’m particularly drawn to manly man. When I needed him, he’ll be there without me worrying at all. I hope everything can be decided when it’s time to make decisions. In conclusion, the feeling is like reminiscent of a crush.


I thought it’ll be a waste if I give up using the song. In the end, we refined the song and released it. It gives us a warm feeling as the song received a lot of love and attention.

The ‘blank period’ lasted for a year and 10months. This time, if the song that’s released couldn’t make the cut even after with promoting it, there’s a possibility that we may not come out with anymore music. Finally, we settled on promoting ‘Up and Down’ .

It’s no doubt that Hani’s fancam is one of the main factor for our recent favourable happenings. I couldn’t be happier that I was involved in the process of creating the song. From writing the lyrics and producing the song which ultimately received love.

I was active as an underground rapper. I assisted in writing the rap lyrics and even participated in chorus recording. With Shinsadong’s help, the melody was created. First song that I wrote, ‘Every Night’ was presented during 2012.

I filmed a music video during my time as an underground rapper. I got contacted by Shinsadong Tiger after he saw the music video. Ultimately, I became a member of EXID.

I like to shop, listening to music and hanging out with my friends in the cafe.
I get satisfaction easily with even normal lifestyle activities.

I’m drawn to men who are not afraid of expressing himself and take care of me well.

Translation from : iMagazine  | By : EXIDWORLD  | Please take out with full credit

[PROJECT] #3YearsWithEXID (Closing date: 5th FEB)


We’re putting up a simple fan-project to congratulate EXID for their 3rd Anniversary
which is happening on the 16th of February.

Since we are running out of time, we came up with an idea of sending a scrapbook & cake to EXID. Here’s what you can do if you guys would like to take part in this project:




1) Grab a pen and a memo (max: 6cm wide, 4cm height – We’ll resize them if you don’t
Design your message and state your country.
Yea, small space because we have too many LEGGOs XD

2) Use your mobile phone to capture your ‘memo’
and email it to exidworld@gmail.com under the title

3) We are accepting 109 ‘memos’ only and will attach 5 extra empty ‘memos’.
Those are for EXID to fill up if they want to =)
Thus, 109(5) days = 3YEARS . Got it?

• ‘memo’ compilation up till closing date (5th of Feb)
-> Memos compiled and late entries are sadly not included as we have minimal time to complete the book. Thank you so much for your effort LEGGOS!

• completion of scrapbook design
-> STATUS : Completed and being sent out to Yedang Entertainment, KOREA. Check out our teasers on how the scrapbook look like from twitter (#3YearsWithEXID)

• Delivery of scrapbook & cake
-> On the 16th we will reveal the ‘real cake’ and scans of the scrapbook for you all LEGGOs!

Thank you note: Thank you so much for participating, your effort and LOVE for EXID!



P/S: We’ll edit this post from time to time, so you may twit, post comments or email us. TQ



We will be ordering the cake from a cake factory which does free shipping to any place in Seoul. The cake will cost $150 in total.

Cake Design:




We will only be accepting donations via PayPal! Any donation amount is acceptable.

Send your donations to this PayPal e-mail: just_talks2806@yahoo.com

IMPORTANT STEP: After donating, make sure to fill out this donation form below please! Another important step is making sure that you click on the “I’m making personal payments” so there will not be any Paypal fees!

DONATION DEADLINE: February 5, 2015



Donator :

tatsu_kvenus – $10.00 USD.

Francisco – $10.00 USD.

Francezca – $130.00 USD.

Hang Le – $20.00 USD.



On FEB 02nd, We made a payment for the cake factory 


Currently Have: $170.00 USD.

Used : $135.oo USD.

Balance Amount : $35.oo USD.

We will keep it for the next project.

Thank you note: Thank you so much for participating, your effort and LOVE for EXID!



Donation Form


If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending a mention on Twitter to @EXIDWORLD!


Thank you!