[TUTORIAL] How to support EXID on Music Shows!

Main ways international fans can contribute to EXID’s success:

  1. Buy their music both physically and digitally (purchasing/streaming on Korean music sites)
  2. SNS (Youtube views, trendings, etc.)
  3. Voting on music shows

I. Physical and Digital Sales
The best and ultimate way to support EXID is to buy their music. 

  • Physical:

An important thing to remember when you purchase a physical album for EXID is to note that the purchase will be reflected on HANTEO (the biggest physical album chart and the chart Korean music shows go by) and GAON. The HANTEO chart monitors the daily, weekly, and monthly sales — counting towards the weekly music show rankings. The GAON chart is a comprehensive chart which tracks the total yearly album sales, physical and digital. The HANTEO and GAON charts both count towards the end-of-year award shows.

  • Some popular online stores, that are international fan-friendly and ship worldwide, where purchases do count on HANTEO/GAON include:
  • Digital:

Digital sales count the most in helping EXID win on Korean music shows. Unfortunately, this is also the area where international fans also face the most issues. Digital sales are counted on the GAON and MELON charts (the two most important digital charts).

  • There are seven major sites where digital music is available for purchase or streaming through:
  • MELON (Streaming – 40%, Downloads – 60%)
    1. Audio quality does not matter
    2. It still counts even if it’s muted
    3. While streaming, do not touch the play/pause buttons.
    4. One stream per hour per user ID will count. Maximum is 24 times a day.
    5. Only one download per user will count.
    6. If you gift other users with the song, it will count if those users download and stream your gift.
    7. Mobile download and streaming counts


  • BUGS! (Streaming – 20%, Downloads – 80%)
    1. It does not count if it’s muted
    2. Do not click the replay button!
    3. While streaming, do not touch the play/pause buttons.
    4. One stream per hour per user will count.
    5. Each person can create 5 IDs
    6. Play all the songs in the album
    7. Downloads on mobile do not count
    8. Web streaming and mobile app streaming will all be counted
    9. Downloads only count once
  • OLLEH (Streaming – 50%, Downloads – 50%)
    1. It still counts even if it’s muted
    2. Ringtones do not count
    3. Mobile only counts on daily chart
    4. DRM counts as well, but MP3 counts for a larger portion
  • MNET Korea (Streaming – 50%, Downloads – 50%)
    1. Audio quality does not matter
    2. It still counts even if it’s muted
    3. Do not click the replay button!
    4. While streaming, do not touch the play/pause buttons.
    5. One stream per hour per user will count.
    6. Only one download per user will count
    7. Mobile download and streaming counts
    8. Only using MNET’s mobile app to stream will be counted towards the total (Web player does not count)
  • SORIBADA (Streaming – 50%, Downloads – 50%)
    1. It is unclear whether muted plays count.
    2. All streaming included
    3. Streaming one song every ten minutes will count towards the real-time charts (total six times an hour)
    4. Only one download of the song per ID
    • (Streaming – 50%, Downloads – 50%)
      1. One ID per song counted once per day
      2. Replaying music video on GENIE counts for a different chart
      3. Downloads only count once

Six do not accept international purchases, so international LEGGOs are unable to help. You can purchase on SORIBADA, but due to licensing it may or may not be available in certain countries. If you are capable of purchasing songs from these Korean music sites and/or purchasing a streaming package, we’ve found this source to be very informative on digital streaming and downloads: LINK (scroll down to section #3 “Online Streaming”)

II. Social Networking Sites:

  • Youtube: *There has been conflicting information about whether or not you should login to your Youtube account. Whether you choose to or not, be sure to search for the video after each view and to clear your history and delete cookies from you internet browser*
    • Search for EXID’s latest MV
    • Click on the official video by ‘exidofficial’
    • Subscribe, watch, like, comment, and share. If you have multiple Youtube accounts, do so on every one!
    • You must WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO (no pausing/fast-forwarding), in at least 720p quality, and the volume needs to be ABOVE 50% on the Youtube player
    • DO NOT REFRESH the page when the video is finished. DO NOT PRESS REPLAY. Repeat the above steps for each view to count.
    • Private browsing is recommended when doing this. After you are done watching the video/performance once, you can simply close the private window, open a new one, and restart the steps. Otherwise you would have to relaunch your entire internet browser.
  • ALTERNATIVE Youtube method: Use YouTube ‘Playlist’ for automatic repeat system
    • How To Set-Up YouTube ‘Playlist
    1. Log-in to YouTube
    2. Click the latest EXID MV
    3. Click ‘Add to’ tab placed beside the ‘Like’ icon
    4. Insert the playlist name on ‘Enter new playlist name’ bar and click ‘Create Playlist’ icon
    5. Repeat the same procedure with another music video.
    6. Click top-right icon and click ‘My Channel’
    7. Click ‘Playlists’ Tab
    8. Select the previously made playlist
    9. Once video starts, check whether ‘autoplay’ button is on
    10. Now, leave it up on your computer and YouTube

You can also watch EXID’s performance recordings through the official broadcast channels:

  • Korean search engines: Korea has many popular search engines that their netizens use daily. International LEGGOs can also help support EXID by searching for them on these search engines as well.
    • Popular Korean search engines: NAVER | NATE | DAUM
    • Enter “이엑스아이디” into the search boxes on top of each search engine site
    • Click on any EXID article and keep it open for at least one minute
    • Close your browser window before using another search engine
  • Twitter: Retweet any tweets from the EXID Official, @EXIDofficial,  if they mention “아예 ” in their tweets or have a EXID-related hashtag.
    • Please only use a hashtag once per tweet or they will be disregarded and marked as spam.
    • You can use multiple hashtags in your tweet, but none of them can be repeating (ex. “#아예 #아예  #아예 ”). Basically DO NOT SPAM THE TWEET WITH THE SAME HASHTAG!
    • Tweets will only count if the account is set to public while tweeting.
    • Please try to use the hashtag every couple of minutes and don’t just spam the hashtag or else it will be disregarded and possibly marked as spam by Twitter.
    • Do not attach any links or pictures to your tweets
    • There must be words in between your hashtags
    • Only up to FOUR hashtags per tweet will be counted
    • A tweet which has at least 10 RTs is counted as 1 extra point. After that, it won’t get any more points for more retweets so RT one with less than 10 RTs.
    • Must be words before and after each hashtag for it to count. This means your tweet cannot start or end with a hashtag.EXAMPLE: Listening to #이엑스아이디new song #아예 .  I think #EXID’s new song #AH_YEAH is the very best!
  • Other social media:
    • DAUM Fancafe: Join EXID’s official fan-cafe
      • Support the fan-cafe by clicking the PINK “응원하기” button on the left-column
      • You can only support and press the button once per day
    • Facebook: Follow the official EXID Facebook
      • Like the page
      • Like, comment, and share any of their posts

III. Music Shows

  • [MBC MUSIC Show Champion] Airs every Wednesday at 6:00PM KST

Ranking system:
45% Digital sales
10% Physical sales
15% Ranking from netizens ***YOUR VOTE COUNTS HERE!***
15% Ranking from professionals in music industry
15% Points on MBC music broadcast

  • Voting Period: Every week from Tuesday to Sunday (KST)
  • Voting Address: LINK
  • How to Vote:
    • MBC Plus login (tutorial to create a MBC Plus account and vote found here: LINK) (you can vote up to THREE TIMES PER DAY during the voting period)

*Please note that only PC-version voting was translated because the MELON app may not be accessible to all countries*

  • [MNET MCountdown] Airs live every Thursday at 6:00PM KST

Ranking system:
50% Digital score (Downloads + Streaming): Mnet, Melon, Bugs, Soribada
10% Physical album sales
10% Pre-voting
10% Social media statistics (Youtube views, SNS tags, and mentions)
10% SMS voting (Only for top 10)

  • How to do early online voting
    • Voting Period: Every week from Friday 11:00AM KST to the following Monday at 9:00AM KST
    • How to Vote: MWAVE, MNET’s global site (LINK) —> Login (MWAVE can be accessed in multiple languages including English) —> Select “EXID”/“이엑스아이디” and click the “Voting”/“투표하기” button at the bottom
    • How to Vote: MNET’s JAPAN (Click Here)
    • Vote! (You may VOTE ONCE ACCOUNT PER DAY  during the early online voting period)
  • How to do text-voting during a live broadcast (only available if EXID is in the top 10)
    • Voting Period: During the live broadcast until the voting deadline
    • How to Vote: Send 이엑스아이디 to +822566 or 00822566 (just 2566 if you are in Korea)
    • You may be subject to international SMS fees for voting. Please vote at your own risk.
    • One vote per phone number (using the free SMS options counts as one vote, unsure if you can try all three for different votes)
    • Free SMS options: iPhone | Android | PC  | Web  (Please vote at your own risk.)
    • DO NOT VOTE MORE THAN ONCE or points will be taken off for EXID

*An ID registered in MWAVE (global) can cast another vote on MNET Korea or MNET Japan (ONE ID = 2 VOTES)
*Each IP address can accommodate up to TEN IDs
*Vote from your MNET account, Twitter account, and Facebook account

  • [KBS Music Bank] Airs live every Friday at 6:30PM KST

Ranking system:
65% Digital sales: Melon, Bugs, Olleh Music, Mnet, Soribada, Nate, Genie Ringtones
20% Broadcast time (times EXID’s songs have been used during broadcast, including as BG music on other KBS programs, etc.)
10% Viewer’s choice
5% Physical sales

  • [MBC Show! Music Core] Airs live every Saturday at 3:55PM KST

Ranking system:
70% Physical and Digital sales [50% Digital score (downloads + streaming), 20% Phsyical album sales]
10% Youtube views ***YOUR VIEWS COUNT HERE!***
10% Viewer committee pre-voting
10% SMS vote

  • How to do text-voting during a live broadcast
    • The two terms MUST BE SEPARATED WITH A COMMA AND NO SPACE (ex. Row,Low)
    • You cannot vote for the same group twice (it will be invalid and not counted) or vote for more (or less) than two groups
    • During a live broadcast of Show! Music Core, send 이엑스아이디, 아예 (change the second group name to the one you wish to vote for, in addition to EXID, you don’t have to use the one we suggested) to +820505 or 00820505 (just 0505 if you are in Korea)
    • You may be subject to international SMS fees for voting. Please vote at your own risk.
    • One vote per phone number (using the free SMS options counts as one vote, unsure if you can try all three for different votes)
    • Free SMS options: iPhone | Android | PCWeb (Please vote at your own risk.)
    • DO NOT VOTE MORE THAN ONCE or points will be taken off for EXID
  • Youtube Views for Show! Music Core
    • Only views on Youtube via MBC’s official website will be counted
    • Click here: LINK
    • Find “EXID”/“위아래”’s song name
    • Click on the pink TV on on the right and get the view counted
    • Each IP address can contribute ONLY ONCE
  • [SBS Inkigayo] Airs live every Sunday at 3:40PM KST

Ranking system:
60% Digital sales: Based off of Gaon Digital Chart (Melon, Soribada, Bugs, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Cyworld, Mnet, Daum Music)
35% SNS (Views on the official MV – uploaded by the company, exidofficial) Twitter and Facebook do not count for Inkigayo anymore. 
5% Voting

  • Please download the app prior to voting / URL download ▷▷ LINK
  • How to Vote: Access the 엠앤TV톡 (M&TV Talk) application on your smartphone —> The following is a link on how to authenticate (you will need to when you first download and open it) and use the M&TV Talk application: LINK. Follow the instructions up to picture #5 —> Find EXID’s (이엑스아이디) title song and click on the ‘참여’ button on the top right corner —> Choose 투표하기 (should be yellow) —> Click 확인 to confirm

*Voting is only available through the M&TV Talk application but it may not be available or usable for all international LEGGOs*

CREDIT:  | BTOB’s Official Facebook | BAPYESSIR | DAILY EXO | FYJYPNATION | B ON THE BLOCK 1, 2, 3 (references); Crown The Clowns / @CClown120719 (translation, reupload, additional information) 


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