[Other] 13.03.11 [DTMN talk about DASONI’s Hani in SSTP

1/4 Shindong asked : if there’s a girlgroup simon likes recently. simon said no but jeesu said “THERE IS!” it’s EXID’s sub unit group DASONI

2/4 while telling everyone that simon likes dasoni, simon pinched jeesu hard to the point that jeesu screamed “ahh ahhhhhhhhhhh” lol

3/4 juniel (or that solo singer idk) asked simon if the reason he likes dasoni is because they’re sexy and “yes they are sexy and else”

4/4 shindong asked “who in between dasoni..? who is the girl you like the most?” simon answered “hani” i’ll find out right after!

Credit : oh_my_star

plaese take out with full credit