[Article] EXID’s LE reveals the hilarious truth behind Hani’s ‘boyfriend shot’

EXID’s LE had fans laughing as she spoiled Hani’s fun with a behind-the-scenes photo!

Hani had tweeted a photo of herself on a bed, writing, “Is this what’s called a ‘boyfriend shot’???”. For those unfamiliar with the term, this might be interpreted as Hani’s boyfriend taking this shot for her. But, LE revealed the hilarious truth behind the photo with her own capture of the scene.


‘Boyfriend Shot’ is usually referred to casual photos of models or celebrities that people put on their phone as their backgrounds or wallpaper, potentially leading others to think that the person in the photo is the cellphone owner’s boyfriend due to the casual setting of the photo.

It seems like Hani was making her own version that fans could use to potentially pass her photo off as their girlfriend’s, and this process turned out to involve some skilled toes!

LE wrote, “Everyone, this is how Hani’s ‘boyfriend shot’ was made…….. She’s my dongseng, but this is just too much…. kekekeke”, leaving fans laughing along.

Credit : ALLKPOP