EXID NewsEn Interview

Girl group EXID, who has had members withdrawing to be affiliated with another girl group, BESTie, poured their hearts out frankly.

EXID (Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin, Junghwa), after transferring to Yedang entertainment earlier, has returned to their fans’ sides following the announcement of their single ‘Top Bottom’. This is a comeback after a year and 10 months, since the announcement of ‘Every Night’ in October 2012.

The group sat down for an interview recently with Newsen, sharing their thoughts on their comeback after about two full years, “the feeling of getting discharged after enlisting in the army”. “During the period of inactivity, for the sake of development, each respective member had a lot of personal time. The company was also caught up in a wave and was not in a state where an album could be released the next day”, they revealed the reason for their late announcement for their album.

During the period of inactivity, the members had to search for other alternative routes. Junghwa and Hyelin went through intense vocal training. Hani, who has always had an interest towards DJ-ing, devoted herself entirely in studying DJ-ing and Chinese. While LE continued to compose and write music consistently, Solji, as expected, helped in Shinsadong Tiger’s recordings as a vocal guide and exercised diligently.

After fully resting and gearing up their minds and hearts, EXID, who has returned to their fans’ sides, is particularly determined to face this round of activities with great resolve.
Maknae Junghwa said, “We had a long period of time without activities and it was because of this that we reflected a lot [as a group]. We also had our own individual worries and many thoughts filled up our hearts. Preparing for this song for as long as we did, we were not able to have fun on stage. We wanted to be able to show a little more of ourselves this time”.

Regarding the 3 members who withdrew from the group to be affiliated with BESTie, the EXID members thought brightly about them and also prayed for them.
Earlier on, EXID’s Haeryeong, Hyeyeon and Yuji withdrew from the team in April 2012 and were newly reborn as BESTie soon after.

Towards this, Junghwa confided, “BESTie promoted vigorously during the period where we rested. We saw them on our TV and the internet, thinking ‘They’re doing well, what a relief’.
During those days of the split with each going on their own paths, we respected the decisions made and also had a heart-to-heart talk”.

LE followed, “As we kick off our promotions, it is natural that we will be anxious, but it can’t be helped. However, to have our comeback become a main topic, these kinds of issues can be a bit worrying. We really have to do well to give everyone a good impression”, she explained.

Hani also added, “Seeing BESTie thriving and doing well in their promotions, we were envious at first. However, after thinking it through, we too have come back again and have focused entirely on working hard for our performance. Therefore, it is not wise for us to think like that. It will be good if everyone do well”. Hani let out her thoughts straightforwardly.

Lastly, Solji and Hyelin shared their thoughts, “It is undoubtedly true that having members leaving the team and coming out again together as a group is unprecedented, however, the two groups have completely settled in and it will be good if each of us do well. Inevitably, we would think each other as rivals. For the sake of development and growth, it is natural”.

EXID will be having their showcase on the 24th of August at Seoul, Gangnamgu Cheongdamdong basement and releasing their single ‘Top Bottom’ on the 27th.

credit: Rachel @twofourzerotwo