[HOWTO] EXID Official Daum Cafe Levelling Up Tutorial

Hello~! Daum FanCafe rankings are quite important so I hope us international LEGGOs can raise EXID’s fancafe numbers ^_^ and yes, it’s free. Please join!

1. How to register on daum (If you already have daum account let’s go to no.2)

1.1 Go to http://www.daum.net/



1.2 Fill  in the account details




2. How to join on EXID’s Fancafe and Leveling Up

2.1) go to http://cafe.daum.net/exid and Click on 카페 가입하기


2.2) Fill in the account details


2.3) Further confirming10

2.4) Click on EXID : 등업신청 (Leveling Up) – It is located on the left sidebar

Screenshot - 17_5_2016 , 15_17_04

2.5) Fill in the form (Your form can be written in English!)  below:


1 – Nickname

2 – Daum ID

3 – DOB(yy/mm/dd) & Age

4 – Quiz (Awswer from the EXID’s L.I.E Video Broadcast and Sketch for the answers https://www.youtube.com/v/SPSpmXF0Vm4 )

4-1: Who interrupted Jeonghwa finishing off the video?

4-2: Who checked Hani’s in-ear?

4-3: Who called herself “No-Jam” (Not funny)?

4-4: Who laughed and played games in the waiting room?

4-5: What did LEGGOs give EXID as a present (except food)?

4-6: Who is happy about her hair being longer?

4-7: Who does Jeonghwa think becoming the funniest?

4-8: What are the 3 things LE like according to Hyelin?


2.6) Check if you have leveled up from 준회원 to 정회원 (Check in a day or two after registering)

Click on 내 정보 and check if it says 정회원. If it does, it means you have siccessfully leveled up.



Please take anything us out with full credit




9 thoughts on “[HOWTO] EXID Official Daum Cafe Levelling Up Tutorial

  1. They changed it again using stuff from these last few episodes of BUT BUT. My membership got revoked after they changed something about nickname viewership or something like that. And there’s also 2 different threads now where you can level up so I’m not sure what I should do again…

  2. after step 2.1 , it says to me this ㆍ 실명확인
    이 카페는 실명확인이 된 회원만 가입이 가능합니다.
    실명 확인하기▶
    I didn’t understand 😦 help me 😦

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